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SCAPEOUS is a research and design studio located in Stockholm, Sweden. The studio orientate practically and theoretically within spatial planning issues using speculative design methods to investigate urban and rural phenomena. Current fields of interest stretches from growing and shrinking habitats, high-tech ruralism, basic human needs, open-ended processes and fictive futures. The focus areas is characterized by the studios current participants, which varies from time to time  (we´re always looking for new friends to collaborate with).

Do Re Mi - conductor of motion, maestro of the soundscapes and the waves
Carrie Lola - PhD in philosophy and de-growth economics
Anita - professor of form, witch of the city and the land
Dr Sleepous - psychologist and أستاذ مساعد (PhD) in lucid dreaming
Jane Jacobs spirit - transparent seer in a crystal ball
Map Makhani - producer of graphics (currently situated in Bangalore)

SCAPEOUS provide services in early stages of planning and design processes. The studio holds a talent for observational survey adventures, concept driven design events and strategic spatial transformations, as well as default municipal planning investigations and processes. Please contact us if any further questions.

~ all space are equally good ~

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